Brenton Salmi

I love designing electronics that perform safety critical missions.

In 2010 I led the team at the RIT Amateur Radio Club (K2GXT) in designing a high altitude balloon that ascended to over 97,000 feet above Rochester, NY.

For nearly the next 5 years I was a Hardware Development Engineer at SpaceX designing, building, and qualifying electronics and assemblies that flew into space on both the Falcon 9 rocket and both Dragon capsules.

In 2018 I joined Reliable Robotics building large autonomous aircraft focusing on the Part 23 aircraft industry.

I worked with my brother on our personal side company FaradayRF that designed and sold digital radio’s for use in the Part 97 amateur radio spectrum. I’ve shelved this work for now to focus my energy on Reliable Robotics.

Myself (Left) and my brother infront of the SpaceX F9-21 Rocket

Brenton Salmi (Left) and Bryce Salmi (Right) - We both worked at SpaceX

Outside of Work

I’m an avid rocker climber and mountaineer with a tendency to bring along a camera.

I am driven more by the journey, the planning process, the learning process, and the wilderness experience than the achievements of climbing. This has guided me in learning skills and the partners I adventure with. Exploring the outdoors safely and within my own personal/partner achievements and new skillsets are primary drivers.

Mt. Shasta Selfie

My climbing partner and I nearing the summit of Mt. Shasta via the West Face route.